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Web Comics

Sailor Ranko
Wraith and Aakashi's day job! Ranma Saotome was nothing near a normal girl to begin with, add to that the job of protector of the planet!

Plugged Nickel
Funny comic with anthro art! Also a great guy in general. Check out HIS link list if you've already read through all mine. You'll be there awhile.

The Wotch
Robin and Jason are ordinary high school students. Anne, on the other hand, is not. She can use magic, but she's not a witch, she's a wotch. The Wotch, to be specific. While hilarity ensues on Earth, there's something sinister going on in another world, and Anne seems to be the keystone to the events there.

Drew has a few problems. First, he lost his job. Then, he lost his girlfriend. Then, his angry girlfriend unleashed the Greek Goddess of chaos and pointed him out as a great first target. How will Drew cope with the massive changes being made in his life? Find out on Discordia!