TF Great: Ranzab!

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TF Great: Ranzab!

Postby Mitchell » Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:35 am

All right, I have a few choice pictures by a TF Great, Ranzab. I'm afraid this will be another 'light' update. Ranzab's been around a long, long while. Ever since I can remember, in fact. He's had a ton of pictures, on various websites. But like many greats, he's sometimes disappeared, only to reappear later on. He's recently reappeared, and I have some of the pictures I can recover.

Unfortunately, most of his pictures are on Transgenic Industrial, a site that I cannot access. It's got adult material on it, and unfortunately there's no real way to ensure people who are under the appropriate age won't get in, as there aren't the safeguards that FurAffinity and Deviantart, or even Transfur, have.

So here's the choice pictures of Ranzab. Early stage werewolf, doesn't look fun. Girl into pig, for those who are interested in such things.

NExt, I have some stuff from the Anime Transformation Archive. Now, what's most interesting is that I could tell at least two of the pictures were NOT by Ranzab, instead by Ian Williams, another artist. But these three are by Ranzab. I'd post more, but...But these are all I could find! (Early stage werewolf.) (Okay, this one has been a favorite for YEARS...Lina Inverse into a Dragon. I'm actually watching Slayers, so It's a nice touch.) (Another werewolf.)

Finally, here's his starter page for those who want to say hi, and are interested.
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