Early Access to Donators!

Still waiting on a reply from a digital distributor, but if you're really anxious to play ChromaShift or would like to support the game's programmer and artist, I'll be sending out advance digital copies to people who donate! Check out the Buy page for more info!

ChromaShift has gone gold!

The game is now in a releaseable state, complete with all its arcade mode endings and all of its stage music. Once we can come up with a fast, efficient method of delivering digital copies of the game to you, we'll post a link to the purchase page! Until then, keep checking back with us!

Get the demo here!

Just follow the above link to try out the free demo for Chromashift! The demo allows you to play as Nolan and Kurumi, in panic, tranquil, and vs. modes. Buying the full version of the game will allow you to unlock the other 8 characters, use DLC, and play in Arcade mode, which has endings for each character!