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Comic for Thursday, Jan 22, 2009:
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A Pain in the Neck

You know, I have some dialogue for these two to jabber at each other, but the time frame of this comic is a few seconds, and it would be stupid to have them exchanging monologues in midair.

As for the usage of "sub-mythic" by Sora...Before Dark Elves were considered the poster children of the "redeemed" racial group, they were classified as a race of Mythics, below the High and Wild elves. While it literally refers to the underground caverns in which the Dark Elves used to reside, some used it as a slur, implying that they were less a person than other Mythics. Yay for fictional history lesson, and expect to see it on the MSF High Wiki faster than should be possible. Oh, yeah, we have one of those. I'll figure out where to link to it eventually.

Also, we have a replacement van, hopefully we'll get it paid off quick. It's a close enough model that we can use spare parts from the old vehicle to fix any problems that may arise in the new one.
Fictional Racism. It's bad mkay?

Well, after the rather brief history lesson from Wraith, (thank Wraith) I'm pretty sure that Sora's a headstrong 'purist.' and deserves a nice hard thwacking in the freaking head. ... yeah I greatly dislike him already. >.>;
Late Today, maybe Tomorrow

We missed a day due to all the crap we had to take care of to get the van legal. We're gonna back-update and try to catch back up! Too bad we didn't have any filler comics...>.>

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